The cross-border consortium of walled cities, Consorcio Transfronterizo de Ciudades Amuralladas, is the result of the tight bonds of friendship existing between the local authorities of Almeida (Cámara Municipal) and Ciudad Rodrigo (Ayuntamiento), and an expression of the similarities both areas share.

Both institutions (Ayuntamiento and Cámara) are aware that the development of their respective towns requires joint actions that combine and merge efforts, whereby the adoption of common approaches will in turn lead to the achievement of equally common goals and targets.
The Consorcio de Ciudades Amuralladas is the product of the cross-border cooperation that Ciudad Rodrigo and Almeida uphold, and its main purpose is to remove the border effect and transform the imaginary line that separates both countries into a feature of union and development.

Accordingly, the Consorcio emphasises those aspects that the Spanish and Portuguese areas have in common, using them as the basis for their work together. Especially prominent amongst these aspects is the historical legacy of defensive connotations, faithfully portrayed by the fortified walls, which are the hallmarks of the towns of Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo.

This rich heritage is the point of departure for the Consorcio, as it is the focal point for the tourist route  “Ciudades   Amuralladas
/Walled Cities”.

The head offices of the Consorcio are in Ciudad Rodrigo.