Greetings from the Mayor of CIUDAD RODRIGO Juan Tomás Muñoz Garzón

From the Town Hall of Ciudad Rodrigo, we should like to thank you for your interest in visiting this website, which I trust will provide you with all the information you need to discover and explore the delights and attractions of these Spanish-Portuguese borderlands, consisting of the municipalities of Almeida (Portugal) and Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca); where you will be able to enjoy the route of the Ciudades Amuralladas/Walled Cities.

I should therefore like to invite you to tour these historical and cultural lands, with their defensive military architecture, a legacy passed down to two populations linked by a history in which the frontier underpinned their relations.

Whereas in times past the vicissitudes of warfare were the prevailing trend, now in the 21th century both lands are closely linked and interconnected, whereby their rich heritage in architecture today constitutes one of the most interesting tourist products from a cultural viewpoint.

Prepare to travel in time, to enjoy the cuisine, to be entranced by the art and to breathe in the aromas of the natural environment. Prepare to discover the Walled Cities.

Juan Tomás Muñoz Garzón.
Mayor of Ciudad Rodrigo


Greetings from the Mayor of ALMEIDA António Machado

I should like to invite you to come and pay us a visit to discover the full authenticity of our lands that still retain all the vestiges of a past that is bound to surprise you.

A few minutes away from Vilar Formoso, the country’s main frontier crossing, you will come across Almeida, the seat of the municipality, or Concejo, which boasts historical buildings and the best preserved fortifications in Europe. The Tourist Office, located in the guardhouse, la Casa de la Guardia, on the inner Gates of San Francisco, will provide you with detailed information on tourist routes and places worth visiting. Make sure you visit Casamatas, the History-Military Museum, Rueda de los Expuestos, the Picadero, Casas Solariegas and admire the beauty of the Gates of San Francisco and San Antonio, the Ramparts and Fortress. If you are enthusiastic about nature or extreme sports, this is an opportunity to enjoy gorgeous landscapes, an extensive array of plants and wildlife or mountain-bike riding; or if you prefer, a ride on horse-back to visit some of the Concejo’s delightful hamlets. We offer you a tasty and hearty cuisine of fish soup, roast kid, charcoal-grilled lamb, cured meats, hare with rice, cazadora style rabbit stew, burzigada, garlic açorda, pão-de-ló, meruges salad, pumpkin pie, tomato and cherry jam or sweet, sweet ball, brown ball, cheese, ginja, and jeropiga..

Our Posada hotel, bed & breakfasts and rural accommodation provide a quality tourist offer. The Ramparts have already acted as the setting and backdrop for the historical re-enactment of the Siege of Almeida, involving Napoleonic Associations from several countries, and this event is to be repeated on August 26th, 27th and 28th. Don’t miss it!

Alma hasta Almeida

O Presidente da Câmara
António Machado


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