A heritage of monuments, history, art, traditions…these might be just a handful of the ingredients that make up the fare on offer on the tourist route of the Ciudades Amuralladas/Walled Cities

The route wends its way through the borderlands, whose past and history have been marked by the vicissitudes of warfare involving Portugal and Spain. It has meant that this geographical area straddling western Spain and eastern Portugal has a valuable heritage of military architecture, superbly represented by the walled fortifications that surround the urban centres of Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo.
Today, the legacy of a common past has shaped one of the most attractive tourist resources for those wishing to submerse themselves in history, for those seeking to become entranced by Spanish and Portuguese art and culture. Over a route running just 40 km, one can enjoy two languages and two different cultures, yet which are in turn linked by their ties with the past, by their present understanding and by the common path to be negotiated in the future.

Yet the route does not cater solely for heritage and traditions, as travellers will also be able to taste the delicious cuisine on offer, the typical trade between the two countries and the local festivals steeped in history.
The following sections provide greater detail on each one of the attractions offered by the RUTA DE LAS CIUDADES AMURALLADAS WALLED CITIES ROUTE. They are all within easy reach.